Christian Art

Call Number : CA-07-04


“In my Father’s house” (Lk 2:49) 

Acrylic on canvas By M. P. Manoj


The erudite Jewish scholars engage the twelve-year-old Jesus in endless conversation at the Jerusalem Temple. The precocious boy enjoys the company of the scholars and the comfort of the temple premises, and forgets about his mother and foster father. When the mother finds him and admonishes him for his erratic behavior, Jesus declares his divine origin by referring to Yahweh as his Father, and the Temple as his Father’s house. The artist uses the image of the descending doves on the pillars to prefigure the baptism of Jesus at Jordan and the discrete revelation of the Holy Trinity.
Following the Eastern custom, Jesus, as well as the scholars, are barefoot in the sacred space. Manoj adapted the Indian mural style of painting. The picture is at the Principal’s room at Rajagiri Higher Secondary School at Kalamassery, Kerala, India. Manoj is the art teacher at this school.

Joseph J. Palackal

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